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I help women of color achieve financial freedom using values-driven and low stress methods so they feel truly confident in their financial health and overall wellbeing. As an award-winning nonprofit leader and certified executive coach, I specialize in eliminating overwhelm and helping women apply smart strategies to achieve excellent outcomes.

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Who I Work With

⟡ Educators
⟡ Nonprofit professionals
⟡ Consultants
⟡ Executive directors 
⟡ Trainers & facilitators
⟡ Academics
⟡ Higher ed professionals
⟡ And anyone else who wants to make a difference in the world while earning what they're worth, enjoying the fruit of their labor, and building wealth for generations to come.

I prefer to work with early-to-mid career women who are finally earning more money (even though it may not be what they deserve, yet!) and ready to make smart money moves here on out.

What Makes Working With Me Different

The core of my money management philosophy comes from the belief that we are our ancestors' wildest dreams, and that the fulfillment of that dream includes the ability to rest, to have complete control over our labor, and to enjoy a life of financial freedom.

I’ve stripped away all of the complexity to identify the core strategies you need to build wealth while enjoying your life every single day. And, I’ve taken my experience as an award-winning leader and certified executive coach to help women apply that knowledge and achieve excellent outcomes.

The system that I teach includes 3 core components:

1. Making money by earning what you're worth

2. Managing money through values-aligned systems

3. Multiplying money through passive, long-term investments

With all 3 of these elements in place, money management is stress-free and you have the financial freedom to truly enjoy life--which is exactly what you deserve.

How To Work With Me

Schedule an intro call and let's see if we'd be a good fit.

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